AP Testing 2020

May 28, 2020

Why Quarantine Can Be Helpful

Stefanie Marlow, Staff Reporter

May 10, 2020

We have already seen the environment improving as a result of people staying at home more. But what about our lives? For some, quarantine and stay-at-home orders can put a lot of pressure on mental health, especially people who rely ...

Christian Zionism is a Major Threat to the Future of a Democratic and Peaceful Israel

Zev Green

May 9, 2020

A few months ago, presidential candidate Bernie Sanders chose to boycott the annual AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee) convention.   This was a major media sensation, and supporters applauded Sanders for his stand ag...

The good news

The good news

May 5, 2020

10 Alternatives to Toilet Paper

Ian Proctor, Staff Writer

May 5, 2020

We are living in a truly unprecedented time in history. The COVID-19 pandemic is an international health crisis.  As a consequence of this disaster, things like hospital beds, masks and ventilators are in short supply, and so ...

Do You Even Know What You Are Protesting?

Stefanie Marlow, Staff Reporter

April 30, 2020

The First Amendment states we have a right to assemble and protest. What happens when assembling has the possibilities of spreading an infectious disease? Across the United States, people are protesting against stay-at-home ord...

Skipping the iPhone X

Guiliani Roberti, Staff Reporter

January 8, 2018

2017 has been a year full of technological advancements, especially with phones. We now determine the quality of a phone with the ratio of screen to body that it possesses. The higher the ratio, the better the phone. But w...

Why Junior Year Is Terrible

Taylor Morrelli, staff reporter

January 26, 2017

Junior year is rumored to be the hardest year of high school. Everyone dreads junior year because of all the homework, the added pressure of taking ACT or SAT, the state Smarter Balance tests and Beyond the academic, many p...