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2016 Sports Awards

May 26, 2016

Young track and field athletes- The next Usain Bolt?

May 25, 2016

Girls Varsity Soccer Takes First Place

October 7, 2015

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  • New Netflix Shows

    With Netflix constantly adding and removing shows all the time and it’s hard to keep up and find something that’s worth your time to binge, especi...

  • Super Mario Odyssey

    Last year was monumental for Nintendo with the release of the Switch and two major titles, one of which being “Super Mario Odyssey.” Earlier in th...

  • The Last Guardian

    This year has been tremendously successful for major videogame franchises, but now it’s time for something new. This December, “The Last Guardian...

  • Overwatch Beta Thoughts: Is it worth getting?

    The “Overwatch” beta is over, and whether you’ve played it or not, the question of “should I buy the full game?” is troubling gamers in this...

  • The Timeless Game

    Video games come and go, but board games stay forever. Chess is no exception. Dubbed by Jeffrey Mueller as “the timeless game,” chess has been ren...

  • He throws things

    He throws things

  • Elijah Pilkington Ceramics Gallery


  • “Hello’s” that are here to stay

    “Hello’s” that are here to stay

  • Ori and the Blind Forest Review

    Beautiful, intriguing, and emotional: Ori and the Blind Forest is all of these things. If you are searching for a challenging yet pristine 2D platform...

  • Attend Winter Festivals

    Oregon is known for being quirky, and its events certainly live up to this reputation. There are many festivals that one can attend. On Oct 17, a f...

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