Brady Barnard Personality Profile

Camden Wulf

Brady Alexander Barnard is a quiet young man who likes to keep to himself. However, if you take the time to talk to him he is full of interesting things to say. His interests include basketball, longboarding, traveling and designing things.

“I like to make money also,” said Brady

“I’m not interested sitting in a classroom, so I do my work online.” said Bernard. Like many students Barnard has found that he works better when he takes classes online because he finds that it is easier to concentrate and that he spends less time sitting in a chair.

Barnard enjoys hanging out with his friends, they like to longboard, work out, and bomb hills. He started longboarding in 7th grade but quickly got a concussion while bombing a steep hill in California and had to take some time off.

Brady is an avid traveler. Hes been to Las Vegas, Hawaii, Florida and a cruise to the Caribbean. Mostly Brady travels with his family who also love to travel. Every summer they pick a destination and then they go there.

“My favorite place was Mexico, though California is definitely up there,” said Barnard. Clearly Brady Barnard likes warm places where he can kick off his shoes and unwind.