Pizzasmith redefines the meaning of “fast forged food”

“It’s the Chipotle of pizza places,” said Andrew Demonico.

A fine description indeed of nearby Bridgeport Village’s newest addition to its diverse entertainment plaza. Opened just over three months ago on Sept. 9, Pizzasmith has presented the more independent and innovative diner with another hands on way to concoct a personalized meal. And with the restaurant being situated directly left of Regal Cinemas, it is sure to draw in hefty and curious audiences.

Simply put, the pizzeria puts the formation of either lunch or dinner in the hands of its consumer. Just as many mainstream or chain sandwich and burrito bars provide their gastronomers with the ability to pick and choose how their cuisine looks, Pizzasmith allows its customers to create their own pizza.

Combined with the use of fresh toppings and house-made dough along with its own menu of pizzas and salads, this marketing strategy already appears to be a rousing success with prospective restaurateurs. Considering the fact that the newspaper staff and myself went here for lunch on a frigid and windy Tuesday and had to wait to find seating, I think the restaurant’s owners have struck gold with their approach in becoming an accommodating and quality spot to eat.

While there, I found the general vibe, presentation and service used by the restaurant to be attentive and welcoming. Murals and paintings decorated the walls, the smell of fresh baked pizza wafted out of the ovens, and the entire left side of the restaurant structure was formed with glass doors and windows allowing for a bright and vibrant atmosphere inside.

The swift and fluid service was perhaps the best part of the experience.

“We only had to wait about five minutes for our food,” said editor Tim De Vries.

Checking the time as we all exited the restaurant, our party of nine was in and out in under 45 minutes. If you’re looking for a quick and relatively inexpensive yet tasty bite to eat before a movie, this is your deal.

Prices on select or custom pizzas vary from $7-$13 with the vast majority of options falling in the middle of this range.

Most adult gatherings will likely enjoy this joint as well. Sophisticated menu options can either be selected or created and beer can be purchased as well.

On the whole, this is a neat little place to go. If you’re ever in the mood for a personalized and handcrafted pizza and are in the area, check this restaurant out. Plus, opening and closing timing isn’t an issue. Pizzasmith is open from 11 a.m.-9 p.m.

Check out the pizzas ordered by members of our staff:

Brady Johnson

Pizza: menu selection “pesto and chicken” with an alfredo sauce, cheese, red peppers, mushrooms, onion

Verdict: “If you have a developed palate, you’ll enjoy this.”

Michael Kiever

Pizza: creation of goat cheese, sausage, bacon, fresh tomato, tomato sauce

Verdict: “Yeah I liked it but the goat cheese was a little much.”

Corina and Keana Pigg

Pizza: menu selection ‘Pepperoni”

Verdict: “Greasy but good.”

Tim De Vries

Pizza: creation of pepperoni, bacon, and roasted pineapple

Verdict: “It’s tasty. Try the house made blackberry lemonade as well.”

David Rollins

Pizza: creation of pepperoni and bacon

Verdict: “It was a party for my taste buds.”

Andrew Demonico and Hailey King

Pizza: menu selection “Meat me at Pizzasmith” including olives, mushrooms, onion, pepperoni, sausage

Verdict: “I’d order it again.”