Does Lakeridge Equal Better College?


Does attending Lakeridge help students get accepted into a better college?

Lakeridge High School has always been considered a reputable institution well deserving of a stake among the upper-echelons of Oregon high schools. LHS is known for breeding successful students that take their academic abilities to the furthest corners of the country.
Compared to neighboring 6A High Schools, LHS has a reputation of being academically elite. There is a preconception that Pacers are expected to attend the most prestigious universities across the county and join the ranks of Ivy league undergraduates.
Is this a misconception? Or does LHS set up their students to reach an exceptional college more effectively than other high schools?
As an LHS student and college applicant I’ve always held a particular solace in the idea that attending LHS automatically puts me at an advantage in getting accepted into college. Am I right?
Technically yes. In the year 2014, of the 282 graduating Seniors at LHS, 93 percent of them reported that they plan to enroll in college, meaning 254 students joined the ranks of academics. The United States national average for students attending college in 2013 was 62.5 percent according to the National Center for Higher Education Policy-making and analysis. LHS exceeds that mark tremendously.
Prestigious schools across the west coast are well aware of LHS as an institution. Some schools in the region have established what students can consider as a “pipeline”, or consistent import of students from LHS. Take for example UCLA. UCLA boasts one of the nation’s hardest acceptance rates in 2013. According to Naviance, in 2013 alone, 8 out of 11 applicants to UCLA were accepted from LHS. The national average of students accepted into UCLA’s college of Letters & Science is 35.8% in 2013. LHS’s percentage rests at 72%, well above the national average.
UCLA is just one example of a microcosm of behavior that benefits LHS students every year. Whether it’s the community, the peer group, the classes or the reputation of the school, Lakeridge High School flat-out helps students get into college.