Do You Even Lift?

Behind the scenes of Lakeridge’s weight board.


Because of the sudden rise in questions over Lakeridge’s weight board, PE teacher Jimmy Watts has come through with all the answers.

“The weight board is designed to find advantages and strengths in all body types”, Watts said.  Students can earn a spot on a board by being enrolled in a weight training class at school.

There are many different boards students can thrive to be on. Not everyone can lift 1,000 pounds, like Tyrell Fortune, who is number one on the Men’s 1,000 lb. Club with a whopping 1,150 pounds.

“There is a home for everyone on the Watts Weight Board”, said Watts. There are seventeen different tests you can take to be on the board, some of them include the 40 yard dash, the Yo-yo board, how much you can bench, and many more.

The weight board represents personal achievements from the students at LHS and shows the public how talented the students are. Watts limits himself to lifting no more than his body weight nowadays.

“I don’t think I could beat anyone on the weight board,” he said. However, he encourages others to try, saying “Records are meant to be broken.”