Club Fair is a Success

Reilly Santa, Grace O'Neil, Ashlynn Lawston, Cub Reporters

Students who were looking to get involved in the Lakeridge community found their opportunity at the Club Fair on Wednesday, Sept. 24. There were booths set up around the school during both lunches with representatives from each club that were encouraging students to join.

According to Liz Murphy, head of student services, the Club Fair was a huge success. “Math Club was a popular club, Key Club got some more members and DECA got a ton of girls this year ,” said Murphy.

There were a total of 31 student-led clubs represented at the fair. Even the new clubs like The Sister Club, Lakeridge League of Legends and Chess Club received much attention from the students.

Murphy wasn’t the only one who thought the Club Fair went well. Freshman Laura Barton expressed her enthusiasm towards Frisbee Club by encouraging all her friends to join as well.

“There should be a laser tag club,” said freshman Gisela Valderrama. Other students wanted to see clubs like a Napping Club, Doughnut Club, and Fort Building Club.

Students looking to start a new club can visit the counseling office to pick up the required paperwork. Once the paperwork has been submitted to Murphy and approved by ASB, the student will receive a phone call with the results.

“It’s easy,” Murphy said.