Students at LHS create video game


Senior Alex Gaekwad stands next to Duality Studios’ Head of Design, Kyle Delfatti wearing Duality attire.

Keana Pigg, Staff Reporter

Presented by Duality Studios, “Part Time Ninja” is a new app that’s supposed to have a comic book feel to it. What is “Part-Time Ninja”? It’s exactly what it sounds like. A team of four LHS students have been dedicating their spare time to a project that started off as a small idea. Duality Studios includes senior Kyle Delfatti as Head of Design/Co-Founder, senior Michael Gilroy as Head of Programming/Co-Founder, senior Mitch Mueller as Software Developer, and junior Matt Sporre as Head of Marketing. The boys have been working on a game since this summer and hope to be done in a couple of months.

“Sometimes we skype every night of the week, talking and coming up with ideas for the game,” said senior Michael Gilroy.

It’s a working progress and the boys are taking their time perfecting and making their game the best it can be.

“There’s a lot of hype about it and we don’t want to let anyone down,” said senior Kyle Delfatti.

The game is designed to resemble old school games like “Super Smash Bros” and “Street Fighter IV”. However, a lot of the gameplay is similar to a newer indie game called, “Nidhogg”. For any gamer, graphics is an important part of the game. As Head of Design, Kyle Delfatti, along with the help of his partners, have come up with many characters for their game. They’ve included everyday people to become a part-time ninja.

“My favorite character is the janitor,” said senior Michael Gilroy.

Along with the janitor, players can chose the identities of a farmer, fisherman, teacher, firefighter, musician or even a barista. Along with these part-time ninjas there will also be two “full time” ninjas: One being the protagonist and one being the antagonist.

Students at LHS have been supporting the group since day one. Duality Studios have been selling t-shirts with their wolf logo on it for $10. They’ve gotten over 50 orders and have already put in two shipments. The shirts are more for advertising rather than profit, breaking even with each order of shirts.

“We hope to make some profits later with advertisements when we release it to Steam Platform for PC. It also needs to get greenlit with enough supporters, to get it into their library,” said senior Michael Gilroy.

The team plans on releasing to PC first, then making it available to the app store for free, and then to android. They may even make it available for windows as well.

This process has been a lot of fun for the group and with college around the corner they have been thinking long-term.

“This is what I want to do in college,” said senior Michael Gilroy. “I taught myself how to code and have been learning along the way.”

LHS doesn’t offer classes for coding. Michael said he joined robotics last year and got some experience out of that. Duality Studios head of Marketing, Matt Sporre learned his skills in DECA, a marketing club at LHS. In a couple of months check back with Duality Studios at their new website that will be finished in about a week. In the meantime stay connected with the team on twitter @DualityStudios and watch out for new information.