“Can” You Even Smash Bro?

On January 30th, over 60 students from different classes, groups, and ages all congregated to play Super Smash Bros. A fundraiser for the canned food drive, junior Taisei Klasen and sophomore Sagar Patel, leaders of Super Smash Bros club got together to arrange the tournament weeks in advance. The duo put in hours of their own time, preparing for every possibility in order to ensure that the event ran smoothly. Klasen approached ASB requesting help with the event. Prepared with a 11 page document, he carefully outlined all of the details of the tournament. His requests were agreed upon and the tournament was on. With a $5 or five can entry fee, the tournament was a huge success with over 60 participants showing up. Sophomore Ben Massey set up a live stream so anybody could watch the tournament live online and there were both students and teachers commentating matches. The event raised over $300 for the canned food drive, making it one of the drive’s most successful events.

After the hours of hard work put into the tourney, Klasen was satisfied with how the event went.

“I was really happy with how the tournament went,” Said Klasen. “It was a huge success and I definitely want to do another one in the future.”

Obviously Super Smash Bros is a popular game but what is it, and what about it makes dozens of students want to pay money to play with other students?

Super Smash Bros is a multiplayer fighting game in which each player chooses a character from a popular Nintendo franchise and the two characters duke it out. Mario vs Pikachu? Sure. Donkey Kong vs Kirby? Why not? The game, released in 2001, is incredibly complex, with enough gameplay elements to keep players coming back for nearly 15 years.

“Super Smash Bros is just a great game.” said junior Corey Rich. “I’ve played countless hours of it and it never gets boring”.

Everyone’s experience with Super Smash Bros is different, but one thing is certain; the people love the game and they’re not going to stop playing it any time soon.