Poor Scheduling

Shannon Kelly, Staff reporter

Many students struggled this semester with poor scheduling in regards of switching into the classes they wished. Some found themselves in classes they were not interested in or not in a class at all.


Another issue among students was they wanted a class with a credit, for they are looking for a nice look college transcript, but unfortunately had no luck.


“ I tried to switch out of early release into a class with a credit but there were no good classes during eighth period that interested me,” said sophomore Darcey Crumbleholme. “They were all like math connections and Power Reading or TA”


For some particular reason, most of the lousy scheduling seemed to affect mostly this recent second semester.


However there is a brighter side to this rather off-putting situation. Fortunately, some students did not end up having any issues getting into their classes.


“Luckily, I didn’t have a problem getting into a class,” said  Crumbleholme.


And again, freshman Brittney Ngia shines light on the more dire portion in this poor scheduling.


“I didn’t switch out of any classes because I got all the classes I signed up for,” said Ngia.


The student body hopes for better scheduling and organization of classes next year.