Jamie Hamann
Jamie Hamann, a sophomore at Lakeridge High School, has had quite an eventful life for a 15 year old.

Born in Thailand, she got used to traveling around at a young age. Hamann has lived in three different countries, Thailand, Holland and the United States. Traveling and living around the world has made Hamann more culturally educated and resourceful. In fact, she has a dual-citizenship here in the United States and Holland. She would most like to live in New Zealand ever since her last vacation there in the 5th grade.

At LHS, Hamann is taking harder and more advanced classes so she can later study to become a doctor. She is currently enrolled in Honors Chemistry, Geometry and Advanced Algebra. A part from school she spends her time volunteering at the Oregon Humane Society playing with puppies.

"I'm just tired" said Hamann, yawning.

Hamann hopes to be living in Europe with a pet bulldog named Jerry in five years studying to be a surgeon.



Jamie Hamann, Layout Editor

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Jamie Hamann