“I don’t like soup. I don’t know, I like soup.”

Clearly a complex guy, Henry Adams is a senior and Editor-in-Chief of the Newspacer at LHS. Once a rower and a generally “very athletic guy”, Adams is now a member of both the cross country team and stretching club. When he’s not working out, he spends time sharpening his intellectual skills through his involvement in tough AP classes, Model United Nations, or DECA. Adam’s wishes he had more time in his busy schedule to work on impressions, but for now, his decent Kermit the Frog will do.

Although uncertain about his feelings towards soup, Adams is sure about what he likes in a person. In his friends, he values kindness. In his men, he prioritizes “sensual lips”. Adams hates it when people are annoying, i.e., when they are unkind or do not have sensual lips.

His twitter bio claims he is “just a guy”, but Henry Adams is destined for great things. Stay tuned for some journalistic hilarity and brilliance.

Henry Adams, Writer

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Henry Adams