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Sara Nyland, Sports Editor

"Perfection" is a word the the world has continued to deny exists, however in the case of Sara Nyland, a sophomore at Lakeridge, she says she has already mapped out her version of perfection in happiness in her mind. Sara feels that her version of perfection lies the idea of having a job that makes her happy and coming home to her family and of course her horses.

Horses are one of the main parts of Nyland's life that stand out. Nyland lives on a ranch in West Linn, Oregon with her family and their 18 horses and 4 baby horses. While living on her ranch, Sara has experienced many meaningful moments. Once, it was snowing outside and they let the horses run in the pasture and enjoyed watching them play and eat the snow. Nyland recalls this to be the time when she felt the happiest.

Continuing on the subject of horses, one of Nyland's hobbies is participating in competitive rodeo events one of her favorite events the barrel racing.

"Everything freezes, I treat it as if it were a practice. It's just me and the horse and it all happens so fast. It's those seconds that I live for," says Nyland.

Barrel racing is significant to Nyland's life because of her baby horse Chase who was born with a disease that has his brain working in reverse.

"It was touch and go with Chase and even though its cliche I do every race for him," says Nyland.

When Sara is not barrel racing or spending time at the ranch she "loves her Honors Chemistry class and can't wait to do the homework."

Outside of her life in Oregon at school and on the ranch, Sara finds Mexico to be intriguing culturally and overall beautiful.

"I am in Spanish three and I can't wait to go back to Mexico and finally be able to understand what everyone is saying," says Nyland.


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