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Sam Hoevet, Editor-In-Chief

Running the hit shows behind the curtain is none other that Sam Hoevet, a junior at Lakeridge. A true Lake Oswego native, Sam has lived here her entire life. As a child living in LO, she loved watching Cyberchase and The Incredibles, but preferred to be outside hiking or camping. In her time here, Sam has had many triumphs both academically as well as socially. In the 6th grade, she conquered the school spelling bee and climbed her way into regionals. When she’s not busy being an impeccable speller, she likes hanging out with her friends and having fun.

In the future, Sam has dreams of doing something with science, though is not sure what she wants to do. When you speak to Sam, you know that she holds her mom to the highest light and looks up to her as if she were truly a hero to Sam. “She manages to be both my friend and my Mom and all my friends like her,” says Sam. Friends are also clearly held in a place of importance in her life. “I like how fun they are. Me and my friends run off and do stupid things together,” said Sam. However, “whenever I do something not smart, I end up learning from it.”

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Sam Hoevet