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Margaret Zackary, Writer

Lakeridge is full of many different kinds of people: artists, poets, computer programmers, hermits, band students, actors, writers, and so on, each one of theses people with their own personal touch that they bring.

As many of us know, the digital age is in, including art. Since fifth grade, Junior Margaret Zackary enjoys spending her time doing digital art, a seemingly more difficult medium to pen and paper.

“It’s easier for me to draw on the computer, but for others it’s not easy,” said Zackary. “I used to mostly draw animals but then I started drawing aliens. Humans are difficult for me but I can draw humanoid things. And robots. Robots are my main thing that I draw.” She even posts her work online. She really enjoys making art and admires other artists.

Zackary mainly spends her time at home either on the computer drawing, on tumblr, or playing video games.She has a 25 year old sister named Rachel Bracker who films commercials/is a videographer. Her parents sell pianos and her dad is even the manager at the store.

Overall, Margaret values her friends (the ones who are honest with her) but also likes to keep to herself and hang out on her own.

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Margaret Zackary