Snow Days

Halle Cook

Students and teacher alike know the joys of snow days. It is commonly agreed upon that there are few things better than waking up in the morning and finding out that there is no school.

Snow days grant everybody the chance to relax, enjoy a hot chocolate and delay the thought of work. Unfortunately, in Lake Oswego we can’t always expect the presence of a snow day. Especially this year, it seems as though our school attendance is looking perfect.

Students are becoming frustrated with the lack of cancelations. In the past four years, LHS has had a total of about 10  snow days. Rumors of snow days fly just about every time the temperature dips below 32 degress, but since we live in Oregon, it is seldom worth getting ones’ hopes up for the magical “school is cancelled” notice.

“What even is a snow day?” says senior Kacie Van Stiphout.

According to the District office, the process of declaring a no school day is a very involved decision. The school district evaluates the national weather forecast to see what’s going on. Overall, superintendent Dr. Heather Beck makes the final verdict, but before she does she talks to the transportation agency who goes out at around 4 a.m to survey the roads. She also talks to other school’s superintendents and even the chief of police.

When the local weathermen do predict snow, it is very common to hear superstitions that supposedly cause the snow to come. Popular ideas are wearing your pajamas inside out, flushing ice down the toilet and putting a spoon under your pillow. There is no proof as to whether these actions truly work, but students are fond of them just in case they do.

There are many speculations as to why we have had such a lack of snow days recently. Ideas range from bad luck to something actually being wrong with the earth. Senior Talia Beem thinks she has a very educated reason why.

“Global warming,” says Beem. “It’s becoming a real issue because it’s not giving us snow days.”

Just a friendly reminder to all LHS students–our snow storm last year wasn’t until February. There is still time for the skies to open up to drop the perfect white flurries on us. So don’t give up hope and keep praying for snow.