LHS Student New Semester Resolutions

Cecilia Levinson, Staff Reporter

With the New Year, there is also a new semester here at LHS. With this new semester come new academic resolutions many students hope to accomplish coming into the beginning of the end of the year based on how their first semester went.


Laura Alterman, sophomore, said that her main goals for the first semester were to meet new people and make great friends since she was new to LHS. She also wanted to challenge herself with her classes.


“This semester was my first semester at LHS, and I had a really great time meeting people,” said Alterman, “I was welcomed by do many fantastic people who I now call some of my best friends and I have been challenging myself with some of my classes.”


Her goals for the new semester include being more organized, and to see the good out of every situation and avoid falling into a pit of discouragement.


“I want to try and focus on what I could learn from my mistakes and what good could come out of bad circumstances or sticky situations,” said Alterman.


Another LHS student, Molly Cohune, a new senior this year, says her new semester resolutions include being more on top of things and balancing her job with her academic school work, but says her first semester has been really good as she has made new friends too.


“I really need to learn how to balance my work schedule with my homework load. That’s my goal for this next semester: to be more organized because that was one of the hardest parts at the end of first semester,” said Cohune.


Riley Broderick, junior, says his goals for this semester include not procrastinating on projects and studying more for his chapter tests.


“I have procrastinated a lot this first semester and my study habits have been lacking, so I’m ready for this new semester and want to be more on top of it this next semester and end the year by fully applying myself,” said Broderick.


LHS students are ready for the new semester each with little personal academic goals to accomplish by the end of the year despite their first semester.