Chicago MUN

Henry Adams, Writer

From concert halls to the waterfront, the Windy City plays host to a hub of music, sports, and culture. Over the fall of 2014, Chicago played host to yet another event– Chicago MUN. Chicago MUN, or Model United Nations, is an international MUN conference, taking delegates from around the world. Delegates appearing there hailed from such diverse countries as Mexico, the Canary Islands and even Holland.

Senior Owen Hart, senior Alex Gaekwad, senior Camila Merlo-Flores, junior Sam Wolf, junior Zach Garrison, junior Margaux Delaney and junior Khavya Sreedhar represented LHS for the conference.

“Delegates were chosen based on their leadership, their hard work and their ability to get results,” said Ryan Rosenau, director of LHS MUN, “and it didn’t hurt that most of them won speaking awards during Oregon MUN.”

Sreedhar took home the award for best delegate, beating out 1200 other delegates.

“She stood out from her peers,” said Rosenau, “She led by example, and was rewarded for it.”

Sreedhar has excelled in past MUN conventions, taking home assorted awards for LHS.

Delegates flew in overnight and stayed within the city. During their free time outside of the conference, they got to wander the city as a group, exploring the sights and tastes that Chicago has to offer.

“The street food in Chicago is great!” said Garrison, “I had some fantastic guacamole.”

“Everyone was very competitive and performed their best,” said Rosenau. “It was a pleasure working with them, and I’m very proud of their efforts.”