Duck Fever is in Full Force


Halle Cook

Duck fever has taken over. The New Year was started right for the state of Oregon. On Wednesday, Jan. 1, 2015, the University of Oregon took on Florida State University in the Rose Bowl and advanced themselves to the National Championship game by winning 59-20. Almost all eyes were on the television for the first of the year, whether Oregonians are Beavers or Ducks, state pride was at an all time high.

UO was ranked number two and FSU number three, even though Florida was the only undefeated team in the nation. The Ducks were entering the game with the new Heisman trophy winner, while FSU had last year’s recipient. It was truly a match of champions, but in the end, the Oregon Ducks reigned supreme.

“The Ducks were unstoppable,” said senior Keondre Menefee . “It was exhilarating to watch them beat an undefeated team.”

The game started off rough for the Ducks as it took them a couple quarters to get into their game. UO’s pass weren’t as crisp as previous games, but that didn’t stop them from scoring a touchdown and a two point conversion. In the second half, the team came out as a power force.Duck quarterback Marcus Mariota, The Heisman trophy winner ran for 338 yards and two touchdowns. Also scoring two touchdowns, Thomas Tyner ran for 124 yards. The game was fun to watch  for even the biggest OSU fans.

“It’s exciting to have a team so close to home play in the championship,” said senior Lindsey Paldino who is attending OSU next year. “And to play another team with such a close skill level, it was a really exciting game to watch.”

Oregon impressed the whole nation with their playing. They handily beat a team that hasn’t lost a game since their sophomore quarterback Jameis Winston joined the team. FSU’s loss was Winston’s first since high school. The win brought an immense pride to the state of Oregon and the state is going above and beyond to support the team for in the National Championship.

With many of our students at LHS going to UO, there is a strong sense of pride right at home. Students that have committed to Oregon are getting even more eager to attend the school. Pacers with siblings who are going or have gone to UO are repping their Duck gear and it isn’t uncommon to see people toting green and yellow.

“Watching Oregon win made me even more excited to attend school there,” said senior Ashley Noonan, “because I know every student is so passionate about their Ducks.”

The National Championship game is this Monday, January 12, 2015 and the Oregon Ducks are taking on The Ohio State Buckeyes in Dallas, Texas. Oregon is welling with state pride and is making sure everyone knows that their team is going to the natty. If the Rose Bowl is anything to base off of, this game promises to be another riveting match.