The Olive and the Grape revolutionizes the restaurant concept

The Olive and the Grape revolutionizes the restaurant concept

Brady Johnson, Sports Editor

As it exceeds its one year anniversary, the small market, small town restaurant called The Olive and the Grape continues to see its audience and serving landscape elevated to new heights.

Reopened on January 16, 2014, the Lake Grove-based eatery, situated on Westlake Dr. has added a cutting-edge flare and approach to its menu and sales.

With new ownership that specializes in knowledge of both the restaurant and wine industries, running a wine bar and side business as a part of the venue’s experience appeared to be an ideal fit. And that’s exactly what owners Eric and Theresa Reichenbach have done.

The Olive and the Grape offers wine tasting for customers on Wednesday and Thursday evenings and also offers sales by the bottle.

The wine bar is developed and it enhances the décor and setting of the restaurant.

And although the restaurant pays special attention to its wine sales and selections, this is a restaurant more than suitable for all ages.

It’s a quaint bistro and café specializing in fresh, local food with homegrown roots.

Sticking to the wine tasting concept, the Reichenbach’s hit a home run with the setup of their location. There’s a cozy and almost homey feeling as you walk in and sit down to eat and drink. It’s as if you’re going over to a friend’s house to either sample some wine or enjoy a nice meal.

It makes for effective marketability within a condensed and largely adult-based customer environment.

In 18 years of restaurateuring, I don’t think I have ever met owners more amiable and outgoing than the Reichenbach’s.

Following the norms of a simplistic yet developed menu and atmosphere, The Olive and the Grape prides itself on serving dishes and plates that can both be shared and also paired nicely with a glass of wine.

Serving three different menus for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, you can rest assured knowing that your food is prepared on demand.

I got to experience the dinner menu last month and appreciated its approachability and well-rounded assortment of choices.

The appetizer portion of the menu features an array of cheeses and lean meats that can be mixed and matched to create a tantalizing starter.

Being only 18 years of age, I wasn’t able to enjoy a rich ensemble of wine and cheese. The time will come though.

Rounding out the first half of the menu is a sophisticated selection of soups and salads. A soup and Panini of the day are both available as well.

While there, I gave their house salad a try and was impressed with the flavor profiles enhanced by a combination of ingredients.

Featuring a house made vinaigrette, the salad had a present but subtle acidity to it that accentuated the mixed greens along with crisp tomatoes and cucumbers. With the inclusion of house made croutons and Grana Padano cheese, this is a developed salad filled with flavors of summertime.

Proportionate entrees and shareable platters fill out the main dish spectrum of the dinner menu.

Elk meatballs, stuffed peppers, braised short ribs and seared scallops are among the featured selections.

Senior Katie Calo, who accompanied me, ordered the specialty macaroni and cheese with bacon and declared it yummy, commenting on its creaminess and usage of developed cheeses.

Like many of the entrees served, this dish includes a side of grilled zucchini.

On the whole, this is an up and coming restaurant that appeals to all audiences. Check it out and help the Reichenbach’s celebrate their one-year.