Eat a Healthy Diet to Feel Better and be Happier

Corina Pigg, Staff Reporter

High school students, full of energy and a fast metabolism, will eat anything at anytime. If they are bored, why not go to Qdoba? If it’s too late to do anything else, why not take a late night Taco Bell run?

Meanwhile, parents rationalize their kids eating habits as, “their bodies are growing,” but is this enough to let the habits continue?

Overtime, people in general have developed unhealthy eating habits because of fast food. The phrase “it’s cheap and easy” is used as an excuse way too often. People seem to forget that the once every few days of grabbing something to go, adds up. The splurge of food has grown, but so has the desire to be skinny. Society makes many people believe that the best way to look is like the people in the magazines.

Dieting in high school sounds like a joke; cheating, or thinking you have to extreme diet for it to work, is bound to happen. But in reality, it isn’t as challenging as it may seem. Dieting isn’t just strictly bounded to eating greens and nasty shakes that contain something; something that no one really knows for sure what it is. Dieting can simply be being aware of the foods you eat, and making rational smart decisions.

When many people hear the word “dieting”, they may automatically think that the purpose is to get skinny and lose weight. But the healthy way to diet is to have the objective to make your body feel good. It’s been proven that if people avoid the unhealthy eating habits, they are likely to have more energy and feel better overall.

“I love food. Saying no to food would be unheard of for me,” said senior MacK Larson. “I work out a lot to make up for my love of food, but I am aware that I should probably say no to pizza from time to time.”

Young adults are, for the most part, very active. Students are involved in various sports and activities that keep the body fit. Although you may be thinking that because you ate some salad and fruit means you’ll never have to go to the gym, think again. It is just as important to strain your muscles and get the heart racing from time to time to feel that healthy you.


It looks good and tastes good but...
It looks good and tastes good but…

The cold weather and all the school load may be making students feel down and a little sick even. Eating smart and staying active seems like the most common advice given, but it’s rarely taken. So think again, and decide how you want to feel.