Most Transfers Like Lakeridge

Camden Wulf, linguistic specialist

Julian Pottenger transferred to Lakeridge this year. He is a big sports fan and loves to root for the Oregon Ducks, who are his favorite college football team. Pottenger or Julio as his friend Hopoati calls him played football for the Lakeridge Pacers this year and plans to continue his career next year. Football however is not the only thing the Pottenger is interested in “I also watch a lot of basketball” said Pottenger.

Now that the football season is over Pottinger has more time to pursue his other interests.

“I eat, sleep, lift, yea that’s all I do” said Pottinger about his activities.

One of Pottinger’s friends from football is Malik Newton. Malik played linebacker and defensive end for the Pacers. He transferred to Lakeridge from Redlands High School in East Valley California.

“I like Lakeridge, it’s cool, it’s easier to get good grades because everyone wants you to do well,” said Malik.

However not every transfer loves lakeridge.

“It’s a lot more stuck up, everyone’s mean here too,” said former Tualatin Timber Wolf Devin Murtheh about his time at Lakeridge.

Despite Devin’s protests of Lakeridge’s “stuck up” ways the majority of transfers like Lakeridge though the shift from school to school is usually quite a big change.