Cabela’s Opens its Doors

Cabela’s doors have opened and out of them has poured a flood of hype. Cabela’s opened in September this year and outdoor enthusiasts have been excited to go. A lot of attention was generated last spring when the Nebraska-based outdoor store announced it’s upcoming Tualatin location. Cabela’s is a fishing and hunting centered outdoor supply store but the store is also loaded with taxidermy, murals and shooting ranges. Lakeridge students have been as excited as anyone else for the opening of Cabela’s.

Junior Taisei Klasen went to the new store this fall.

“It was way bigger than I expected,” said Klasen. “I’m not really a big fisher or hunter but it was really cool.”

Many Lakeridge students have been to Cabela’s and had similar experiences. The company began in 1961 and has expanded across the United States. They sell hunting, fishing, camping and shooting supplies. The store also has a library of unique guns for the visitors to explore. Cabela’s peppered with taxidermy and the Tualatin location is also host to the record holding taxidermy for largest elk.

“My dad and I go hunting every year so we were excited to hear Cabella’s was coming,” Said junior Gage Nelson. “We went right after it opened and it was pretty great. I liked looking at the gun library.”

The store is the largest store in its surrounding shopping center, a dated shopping area that is being renovated by CenterCal properties to incorporate lots of new stores. The Tualatin store is also host to a unique fudge that can only be purchased there. Every Cabela’s sells fudge and each store has a fudge unique to that store. Tualatin’s? Merrionberry hazelnut.

Whether you are an avid outdoorsman or indoor camping is more your style, Cabela’s is a must see.