Keep Portland Scared

Samantha Hoevet and Lucy Perusse

Fright Town seems to be all the rage in the City of Roses.

After opening on Oct.  3, Fright Town has managed to create huge lines flooding the outside of the Memorial Coliseum for the past four weeks.

Looking for a good scare, my colleague and I went to Fright Town along with several other companions.

Out of the three haunted houses, the first we entered, The Witch House, was the most frightening. It contained everything from witches to hanging bodies to creepy guys chasing you down narrow hallways.

To frighten you more, quick bursts of air were pushed out of the walls at passing people as well as various, blood curdling noises being projected throughout the haunted house.

The Madness, the second haunted house, took place in a cannery themed house which included zombies, hanging tentacles and drills that made the walls vibrate.

The last house, Baron Von Goolo’s Museum of Horrors, started as a maze intended to trick your mind by containing identically decorated rooms.

Once you were out of these rooms, you were led to a karaoke singing panda. After that uncomfortable encounter, you are moved along into the museum itself to discover the many horrors it contains.

The fact that the actors were volunteers lessened the amount of fright, whereas if they hired real actors, it would have been scarier.

Another downfall is heavily advertised coupons are not valid on select days.

On a good note, they had excellent liquid nitrogen ice cream as well as a wide selection of snacks available for purchase.

Overall, the experience wasn’t overly frightening; it wasn’t worth the $22 per person entry fee.

For those of you who are scared easily, however, Fright Town is the place for you to go as Halloween approaches.