Psychology: Hottest Class at LHS?

About 178 LHS students signed up for psychology this year and about 105 seniors are currently enrolled in the class, leaving 73 students left.

Throughout the course, students will learn various topics about the human mind. The year started off by talking about intelligence, which caught many people’s attention because not many people knew that there were multiple kinds of intelligence.

Psychology teacher Tim Provost may have suggested that the reasoning behind why so many students requesting the class is that they find psychology interesting or they heard it was interesting.

“It’s new and fresh. It’s unique. Most people haven’t ever studied the topic before,” said Provost. “Maybe people think it will teach them about themselves, or it’s just the word of the mouth.”

This unique class has caught students’ attention. The downside to having such a class available is that the demand is too much to satisfy the supply.

Psychology is only offered in three class periods. In previous years, the class has been offered more.

“The funding is not there recently,” said Provost. “But I would be willing to teach more classes.”

Psychology is one of the top majors in college which may explain why so many students want to test the waters. Unfortunately for juniors and underclassmen, only seniors are enrolled in the class because of the limited capacity.

“I want to further study psychology because I think it’s good to understand and I may want to major in it,” said senior Sophia Feinstein. Feinstein is currently a teacher assistant for fourth period’s psychology because she could not get into the class. This is because of the student maximum capacity and she was unfortunately not one of the 105 seniors chosen at random.


Psychology will most likely be one of the most popular electives that LHS students try to take for future years.