Civil War Pride

Halle Cook, Staff Reporter

LHS beats LOHS 20-14, last years score

Imagine sitting in a screaming fan section. The game is tied 14-14 with under five seconds left in the fourth quarter. It’s the first time in almost 10 years that LHS has the chance to beat their rivals, LOHS.

The center snaps the ball to junior Eric Dungey, who takes a couple seconds to asses the situation and then sends a ball flying straight into senior Joe Singlingers hands as he lands in the endzone. Without taking a beat, LHS students jump over the stands and rush to their victorious football team. The fight song is sung with a passion unheard of in many years.

Almost a year later, that passion doesn’t leave Pacer’s minds. The memory of the first win over LOHS in 10 years is often fondly spoken of. Pictures of the final catch hang in the halls, and Pacer fans look forward to the 2014 game to prove it wasn’t a fluke.

“As a player it doesn’t get any better than that,” said senior Matt Givan, “last year’s ending was perfect. All the hard work from the summer and doing the right thing finally carried over. This year we expect the win. And nothing else.”

Our Pacer pride has bled out this year, when fans rushed the field at the end of the newberg game before the players had shaken hands.

 And our pride is at stake again in 2 weeks at the Civil War. The Civil War has been a Lake Oswego City tradition for 43 years–since LHS was founded. The rivalry encourages school pride and always results in the biggest crowd attendances for all activities.

“I love Civil War games!” says junior Lauren Delancellotti. “It brings out the best in you and brings out the true Pacers that we all are.”

Students proudly tote their spirit wear and on occasion the senior girls paint their stomachs in support. LHS can expect a pep assembly next week to get people even more fired up about the battle of the lake. After a fairly successful season so far, players and students alike look forward to a scary good game in two weeks on Oct. 31.