LHS Spirit Week Needs A Little More Spirit


Lucy Perusse, Newspacer Staff

As the annual homecoming football game has come and gone again, Lakeridge students got pumped with Spirit Week to support the pacers. However, a lack of spirit in a large chunk of the school is concerning.

While many members of the Pacer family came to school on Tuesday decked out in tropical wear like big Hawaiian t shirts, leis, and even some life jackets; the rest of the spirit days proved less popular. Some students either choose not to dress up because they just aren’t in the school spirit, or because they didn’t even know how they were to dress on each day.

“I think it’s a good idea but they need to advertise it better,” said sophomore Alex Hoduffer. “I only dressed up on Pacer day because honestly i didn’t know what any of the days were.”

Hoduffer feels that having spirit week is a good thing for school spirit, but a lot more people would participate if they knew how. It especially tends to catch freshman by surprise while they’re trying to adjust to the new school setting and they don’t have the time to worry about dressing up for spirit days.

“Spirit week is good for the school and a great idea but only about 50% of the freshman participated,” said freshman Grace Conway.

Then there are those who don’t participate not because they aren’t aware, but because they simply don’t want to be a part of the pacer spirit.


“I’m not a very spirited person.” said sophomore Leo Borque. “I don’t want to go to very long assemblies; I’d rather go to class.”

Borque did dress up for Trill Hat Thursday, wearing a rubber unicorn mask purely for the comical value and not to join in on spirit week fun. The combination of people not knowing the spirit days, not having the time to participate, or just not wanting to be a part of it, results in a spirit week that is in desperate need of revamping.