Theatre Tech Club is Sneaking Into LHS


Samantha Hoevet, Newspacer Staff

What’s that lurking in the dark? It’s probably the new ninja club that has snuck its way back to LHS.

On Sept. 24, LHS held its yearly club fair. This year, there were 31 clubs set up at tables circling the school hallways with sign up sheets ready at hand.

Many of these clubs were returning from last year but there were 14 that have just formed this year and still more getting approved. Theatre Tech Club falls under the category of a “new club.”

It has been four years since there was a Theatre Tech Club at LHS but it has managed to catch the eyes of 24 members.

Andy Ballnik, the adviser of Tech Club, said that it was formed to help support the shows tech-wise and to complete tech related projects needed to make shows betters.

“It was Teia Jensen’s idea,” said sophomore Corbin Toye, “Then I started it to improve the technology in the theatre and make the tech group more of a group.”

Ways that Tech Club will support and improve the technology of the shows is fundraising for new equipment such as new headsets, boxes that control the headsets, new cords and new flashlights.

Basically an extension of Drama Club, Tech Club will include group bonding such as trips to different shows in the community or city.

Meetings for Tech Club will be very laid back, occurring about once a month, in order to discuss what possible fundraisers techies could host and discuss work days to build props for the plays.

Toye says that just because people join the club, that doesn’t mean they have to do tech for the school. His hope is that this new club will just be a way to bring people interested in tech together.

If anyone is interested in joining Theatre Tech Club they can contact either Corbin Toye or Emma Johnston, officers.