Upcoming Poetry Slam at LHS

Sara Nyland and Madison Yost

Slamming the kids with all whole bunch of poetry is never the wrong thing to do during the 2014 poetry slam.

Rollin Dickinson, the coordinator, will release a date in the near future for the next Poetry Slam.

“Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to meet new people and have a great time,” said Dickinson.

Claire Williamson attended the Slam last year as a freshman and is now an active member in the Poetry Club that meets monthly. She has fond memories of all the insane stuff that happened.

“My friend kept telling me that I should go and so I did, and I really loved it,” said Williamson.

She said that as she came through the door she was handed a carrot.

“Not just a piece of a carrot, like a whole carrot! It was pretty delicious,” she said.

All the competitors recited their flawless poems.

“They were all great, and it was super cool to see everyone’s hard work being presented before the audience.”

Something else that stands out was the fire breathing. A student had actually been trained in fire breathing in a circus and after all the poems had finished they went outside and he showed off his talent.

“We don’t just read poetry. There are raps and songs too,” said Leia Bostick a member of the club, “We eat snacks and enjoy each other’s company.”

In an informed lunch time poll, 15 percent of Lakeridge students have hopes to attend the next Poetry Slam.