Food Carts- Are they an option at Lakeridge?

Kyle Windham and Brendon Sloan , Student

By Kyle Windham and Brendon Sloan

Lake Oswego — When Lakeridge students buy food from the school cafeteria, they can not help but wonder if there are better food options out there.

In a survey conducted about how Lakeridge students feel about the current school lunches, four out of 20 people said that they enjoy school lunches.

An easy option to this problem, theoretically, would be to incorporate food carts from specific vendors on school grounds. While on the outside this appears to be a good idea, it creates many problems that can otherwise be avoided. Oregon law states that schools must meet specific nutrition standards, and any foods distributed on school grounds must meet these standards.

“During my high school years, food carts and food stands were common on school grounds. There was a Taco Bell, and other similar types of food stands,” said Assistant Principal Rolin Dickinson.

“The the school is under a contract with the district food company. This company does not allow any outside vendors to distribute food on school grounds,”  said LHS Principal Jennifer Schiele in an interview. Schiele also noted that district employees are payed very little, and that if food carts came they would take away business from the school cafeteria.