A New Coach Joins the Pacer Family

Pacer Family Welcomes the New JV2 Volleyball Coach

Getting to coach with her own high school mentor, Jordan Ellis gladly took the job of being Lakeridge High School’s JV2 volleyball coach.. Ellis has coached in places across the nation, from NYU to her current position at LHS. This experienced volleyball coach was drawn to LHS because of the outstanding community within the coaches, administration and the athletes.

The current head coach of Lakeridge’s Varsity volleyball team, Wendy Stammer, previously coached Jordan Ellis privately from eighth grade through high school. Ellis’ main reason to coach at LHS is so that she can coach with Stammer.

“She developed me as an athlete and coach, and I truly believe in how she runs her programs,” said Ellis.

Athletic Director, Ian Lamont, supervises the process of hiring new coaches. Through this process, Ellis had to apply for the position she currently has. After applying, she was interviewed by a selected committee made up of students, coaches and parents.

Members of the JV2 volleyball team are extremely pleased by Ellis.

“I love the new JV2 Volleyball coach. She is good at helping us develop and improve our volleyball skills,” said freshman Emily Jones.

“Good coach, nice, easy-going. I like the coaching technique, lots of conditioning and repetition,” said freshman Erin Brennan.