Pacer Pride Fund Raises for a Stadium

After the School Board voted to delay funding of the stadium project, a community group was formed to raise $500,000.


Samantha Hoevet, Newspacer Staff

After years of sitting in the rain to cheer on the Pacers, LHS is beginning the 2014-2015 school year by funding for a new stadium.

Following the school board meeting on May 6, 2014, a group of LO residents saw that the school board would not choose to fund the stadium so they banded together to form a funding committee.

The Board finally agreed to fund the project in a unanimous vote if the LHS community raised a minimum of $500,000. The funding committee strives to raise these $500,000 as soon as possible and has started created funding opportunities that the community can participate in.

The first major funding event for the stadium was the Pancake Feed that took place on Sept. 20, 2014. The feed raised $14,000 that will go to the cost of the stadium cover.

Other funding opportunities will include buying bricks and donating money to receive a placard with your name inscribed on it that will be put on the finished stadium.

Additionally, Principal Dr. Jennifer Schiele says that the committee plans to send brochures to LHS alumni and parents to promote funding and donations to go towards the stadium.

The pancake feed was the first major event that will help fund the LHS stadium cost and the first big step to try and get the Pacer community involved in funding.

Tom Krueger and Chris Barhyte, members of the committee working the stadium funding, both agree that this project is a community effort.

Barhyte and Krueger are LO parents who want to foresee change now in order to see a stadium for their children and others to sit under during sporting events in the future.

They hope that everyone feels the need to come together in an effort to show the pride of their school.

“It’s a more the merrier type thing. Everyone can do something,” said Krueger.

Something can be as little as picking up trash left on the ground.

“We want everybody to have pride,” said Krueger. “Our hope is that the campus looks better and that people will keep it that way.”

The group hopes that the funding for the stadium is just the first step to bringing pride back to the LHS community.