First dance tradition cancelled

Every year when September rolls around, the return to school inevitably also comes. With the return to LHS comes many back-to-school traditions, a major one being the back-to-school dance. However, this year the dance has been cancelled, leaving the first dance of the year to be Homecoming later in September.

There are many rumors going around as to why the dance is cancelled, but Liz Murphy explained the problem was mostly football scheduling conflicts.

We only have four home games of the season that the dance could be centered around. Two of the home games couldn’t work out with the dance, one due to the opposing school’s schedule and the other because it is Yom Kippur, and we couldn’t have any celebratory events on that day.

This left the only remaining home games to be the first and the last, and the last one on October 24th is Senior Night and Pinkout, so we had to make homecoming the first home game and cut the first dance.

The football conflict makes sense, however there was speculation that the reasoning went beyond scheduling.

“I’m not too disappointed about the first dance being cancelled,” said senior Sophia Feinstein. “Honestly I think it saves the freshmen from the dirty actions of some of the upperclassmen.”

There is no doubt that the first dance has the infamous reputation of inappropriate outfits and behavior.

“There is a logistical date reason the dance was cancelled,” said Murphy. “But it does have a bad reputation that could’ve set the tone for the rest of the year if it didn’t go well.”
While there are multiple reasons why the dance may have been cancelled, it mainly comes down to the football game conflict. It is the loss of a long-time tradition, but students will just have to make the most out of the other dances of the school year.