Vice Principal John Parke Returns to Football as Head Coach

Vice Principal John Parke Returns to Football as Head Coach

Michael Kiever and Camden Wulf

Head Coach and Vice Principal John Parke watches from the sideline.

Nearly 30 years after his last down of football, and 20 years after his last coaching gig, Vice Principal John Parke has returned to the gridiron. Parke will serve as the interim head coach for the Pacer football team this fall. After many years away from the game, Parke has noticed a few big changes.

“Rule changes and time have made the game a lot different from when I played,” Parke said. “Safety rules are different, and the line technique has developed over time.

While Parke will serve as the Interim Head Coach, Chad Carlson will be back in a large role for the team.

“Chad Carlson is the director of operations, and I support his vision,” Parke said. “It works well, as I make sure all of the players are eligible and in school.”
Parke has enjoyed his experience with the team thus far, and said his favorite part of coaching is watching the team grow.

“The players and coaches are amazing, and it has been special being able to see the players develop.” Parke said. “Football has been a rewarding experience.”

When Parke isn’t posted up with the Lakeridge football team, he enjoys reading and taking his motorcycle out for a spin.

“When you’re in football, it becomes your hobby.”