Pacer Boys Varsity Soccer: Kickin’ Into Gear!


Poppy Wicks and Ava Branch

The Pacer boys varsity soccer team has started off this season strong with a 5-0-1 record. With a roster of 14 seniors, nine juniors, one sophomore, the team is stacked with knowledge and experience, as well as the will to win.

 “It’s a big difference compared to last year,” said senior Christian Waarvick, a defensive midfielder. “There’s a lot more players that really know the fundamentals of the game.” 

Last year, the Pacers made it to the semi-finals, but this year they are determined to go all the way. 

“Coming to the team this year I want to win it all, and I know we have the talent to,” says goalkeeper and transfer student Chase Nelson.“So I think we need to just go out there and destroy everyone.” 

Nelson isn’t alone in his determination to win the state championship. The majority of the team has named winning state as their biggest goal for the 2022 season. So far, they’re headed in the right direction with a 5-0-1 record, including a mercy rule against Mountainside (8-0), and a total of only two goals scored against them throughout the season. 

If they want to reach their goal of winning state, the boys have to play cohesively, skillfully while showing a great deal of dedication. One thing that helps them to stay consistent with these factors is their pre-game rituals. 

 “We always walk up to the field we are playing at while blasting the Pirates of the Caribbean song from a huge speaker,” said first year varsity senior Cam Lipp. “We [also] like to listen to music in the locker room, Rafa Loyo usually gives us a pregame speech,” says co-captain center back Luke Yanello.

Left wing junior Jake Real explained what Loyo’s speech consists of: “Rafa picks up a piece of turf, kicks it, and says it is the other team,” said Real. 

With so many good teams in the  6A division, each game is tough and has players hyped for the competition. Junior midfielder Niko Lampros is most excited for the Lakeridge vs Glencoe matchup: “Glencoe will be a challenge for us and it will be exciting to see our fans come out and support us.”

A lot of players are also looking forward to the last game of the season against Lake Oswego because of the infamous rivalry between the two LO teams. 

 Their next game vs Oregon City is next Friday (10/13) @ Lakeridge.