Homecoming 2022


It’s been three years since LHS hosted their last homecoming dance, and it’s on Saturday, Oct. 1, from 8-10 p.m in the Senior Commons. The theme is Once upon a Time. 

The dance can be a fun opportunity for underclassmen to experience dances at LHS.

“I’m going with my friends as a group, and we’re going to get ready together before,” said freshman Abhi Upton. “We’ll have dinner together too.” 

Teachers are also excited about the return of the high school tradition.

“I worry that people aren’t kind of embracing some of the traditions that we’ve had in the past,” said ACS teacher Diane Long, who is also a former LHS student. “I’m hoping people are more excited about it.”

Students must purchase tickets ahead of time at the LHS webstore or at the bookkeeper. Prices are $10 from Sept. 19-23, $12 from Sept. 26-27 and $15 from Sept 28-29.

If you are bringing a student outside of Lakeridge, students need to fill out the guest dance form that can be found at the bookkeeper’s office.