Drop and Give Me Seven!

Addison Van Epps, Newspacer Staff

If you’ve been to a LHS football game, you’ve likely seen the door that sits up against the stands. This quirky spirit-booster is known as the “Push-Up Door.”

The Push-Up Door is used during football games to promote school spirit. Whenever LHS scores a touchdown, the student section holds up the door and a student does push-ups on top of it. There is a different Pacer for each touchdown. 

The number of pushups correlates to the number of points in the LHS score. So far, there have been 155 total push-ups!

The tradition of the door started even before our current principal’s time, according to Desiree Fisher, LHS principal. 

“For my entire time that I’ve been here, they used the Push-Up Door at football games.” said Fisher. This tradition has been around for so long that no one can remember exactly when it started. Hopefully, it will continue to bond the Pacer Nation far into the future.