The Biggest Fright This Halloween; AP Test Fees.

The Biggest Fright This Halloween; AP Test Fees.

Max Rotino, Maddie Rye, and Grace Lee

Candy corn, Spirit Halloween stores, ridiculous costumes and best of all: Paying your AP test fees. That’s right, AP test fees are due on Oct. 31.

 If you forget to sign up before Halloween, there will be a $40 late fee you will have to pay. If you decide you no longer want to take the test you have until Nov. 15 to get a 100% refund. 

To get a refund, students must fill out a cancelation form by Nov. 15. Forms are located on the office wall by the mailboxes. 

Every test is $84, to pay for your test you have to register on the college board website, and give your check to the bookkeeper Megan Roberts in the bookkeeper’s window. 

Before you pay you have to register for a College Board account and get a join code from your teacher.

“Your teacher will give you the join code, so that’ll let you join the class and by joining your AP class, you’re actually automatically signed up to take the exam,” AP test coordinator Lois Moll said.

There are many benefits to taking the AP test. One LHS teacher believes it’s a good way to showcase your strengths.

“Not many high schools offer AP Euro, so even if you don’t know if your preferred college accepts the credits, it’s always better to take the test and show your capabilities,” Brittany Larson, AP European history teacher, said.

One issue is students with multiple AP classes must ensure that they sign up for each test separately.

“Each class has a separate test,” Moll said. “This year most of our tests are still paper and pencil.” APUSH, AP Lit, AP Lang, and AP Euro will all be typed instead of written this year. Since those classes include written full essays as a part of the test, this is great news for everyone in those classes.

For classes such as AP Art that have a different class format, AP tests may take the form of a portfolio or something other than a written test.