Graduation Cords


Miles Stansbury, Editor and Chief

LHS seniors can earn graduation cords that represent academic and other accomplishments. The colors have specific meaning and they come from different clubs and organizations within the school. Almost all schools have graduation cords but they don’t all mean the same thing! LHS has its very own system of what each one means.

First we have academic cords which are awarded for academic achievements such as honor societies. All the world’s languages have an honor society with cords available. Japanese has red and white, Spanish has red, Chinese has purple and French has blue. The National Honor Society also provides gold cords in pairs to students who were accepted and paid dues along with completing volunteer hours. Quill and Scroll Honor Society has one blue and gold mixed cord that is typically earned in Newspaper and Yearbook.

Some other school activities also provide cords Key Club and MUN award them to outstanding members who have completed the requirements. STEM cords can also be earned if students meet the requirements, forms with them are available at the end of first semester. Leadership (ASB) also receives cords in burgundy and white and band receives two pink cords at the end of the year. 

Some clubs at Lakeridge also give out cords to graduating seniors. SDA gives out orange cords and DECA gives white and blue cords with the seal on the end of the tassel.