New Teachers

2022-2023 School Year


Numerous new teachers joined the Pacer Family this fall, piquing student and teacher curiosity.

Around 23 staff members began their first year at LHSa few weeks ago. Math and science departments gained four, humanities with five and electives at two. Many veteran teachers and upperclassmen are completely in the dark about the new additions.

Some teachers are not completely new to LHS, as they have been involved with the school before.

Last year social studies teacher Amber Horey completed her student teaching with teacher Janelle Cinquinni. Horey now returned as a full-time teacher.

“Honestly, when I thought I wasn’t gonna get a job here, I cried because I thought I wouldn’t get to see the juniors that I taught last year graduating as seniors this year,” said Horey.

Math teacher Patrick Gregg is another teacher who has known some of the students prior to teaching, as he has been the basketball coach for two seasons.

I really enjoy Lakeridge so far, the staff and students are great and there are a lot of fun personalities all around,” said Gregg. “I have really been impressed by the school spirit.”

He teaches AP Statistics and loves how the class reflects into his students’ lives. However, some do not share his love for math.

Art teacher Luke Isley loves teaching his subject, saying, “It’s Photography! Way more fun than math.”

Through art, a student can express themselves. New English teacher Meriel Hartling believes the same is true for her subject. 

I like teaching English because we have the opportunity to learn more about the world we live in as well as ourselves,” said Hartling.  “Everyone has a story to tell.”

She has been a teacher for 11 years, similar to science teacher Kathleen Tarlow, who is an LHS returner.

“I taught at Lakeridge in the past, but some family career changes took us out of state,” said Tarlow. “When we moved back to the area, I very much wanted to come back to Lakeridge!” 

Other new teachers include  Vladamir Calcara, Inkeri Chisholm, Melissa Cochran, Christy Goodell, Katie Hart, Mindy McKneely, Davis Nossaman, Cheryl Pupkiewicz, Rorey Risdon; new support staff  members are Melody Carson, Eduardo Chavis Solis, Michael Murphy, Katharine Nyhus, Emily Seidel and Jacob Webber. Joining the LHS staff as counselors are Gordan Hilberg and Quinn Takashima.