New Clubs at LHS


Ella Fry , Newspacer Staff

Three new clubs have been created for the students at LHS in the past few months. Clubs are an important part of the culture at LHS, and they span a wide variety of topics, from Key Club to Chess Cub.  

Every year, more clubs are formed by enthusiastic students looking for other club members to share their interests. Three clubs have been approved as of this month, and are beginning to establish themselves within the school. 

Firstly, the PaceHer club was created by students Romy Howell and Keelie O’Hollaren to promote girls sports throughout the district. 

In an interview with Howell, she said she wanted girls to “feel that their sports were supported at Lakeridge.”

Howell and O’Hollaren now lead the club to encourage people to spectate female sport matches. 

The Art & Chill club, true to its name, is a place for students to relax and make art however they want. 

Created by sophomore Mila Kaplan, several of its members have sung its praises, calling it “a nice time to draw and hang out with friends.” 

Finally, the Students Against Poverty club, created by senior Gabriella Leon, is fighting to relieve poverty in Oregon. 

Leon said the club was “in Portland, too, trying to reach different places.” 

This club raises money for Oregonian citizens in poverty and helps to make meal kits and transitional projects for Meals on Wheels, a system assisting senior citizens by providing them with food, human connections, and social support. 

LHS students now have access to three more clubs they can join and explore with their friends.

ASB adviser Liz Murphy said she thought school clubs “give students a chance to connect with people that are interested in the same things they are.”  Students who are interested in starting a new club can find out from Murphy the process.