Places in Oregon to Visit During Summer

Matteo Clarke


The clouds of the march are here, and the dream of the sunny days and nice tans of summer is within reach. People are planning their summers out. There are so many places to visit, that it’s hard to tell where the best places to travel might be local and nationwide. 

Oregon is known for its many trees and beautiful national and state parks. Crater Lake is a great place to get away from the city and enjoy nature. It’s the deepest lake in The United States, reaching 1,949 feet deep. 

According to the National Park Service It was formed about 7,000 years ago by a supervolcano eruption. The volcano collapsed on itself and formed the giant crater we know today. There are many trails around the lake and benches to enjoy a pick-a-nick.

Astoria is a great town to see if you enjoy fishing and camping. This town would also be a good stop for a road trip. Astoria is famous for being where “The Goonies” takes place.

 Enjoy the many museums like the Columbia River Maritime Museum. The museum takes you through the fascinating history of shipwrecks the river has caused. 

The Astoria column is also quite the sight. According to their website, it’s a monument to the pacific northwest natural beauty. It’s a great spot to take pictures and get an amazing view of the city and the river.

There are many places to visit for the summer; these are just some of Oregon’s Local spots to enjoy.