Does the U.S. Spend too much on Military?

Matteo Clarke

The U.S. Spends the most money out of every country on its military. According to an article at Statistica, the U.S. Led the world in military budget spending $801 billion on the military in 2021. Many people say that more of the U.S.’s budget could be diverted to improving society, so we are spending too much on the military.

UsNews says that the U.S. is the number power out of every country. Most of our budget was spent on the department of defense (DoD). The DoD provides support to the department of homeland security which ensures the U.S. is safe from any attack. A lot of the budget in recent years has gone to Air Force and Navy research 5th generation fighter jets like the Lockheed Martin F-35 and F-22. The F-22 as of now is the best air superiority stealth fighter. Our large military spending puts more value into our national security.

A lot of the taxpayers in the U.S. would like to see their money going to improve society. The DoD often spends money on weapon testing programs that were ultimately canceled. That money could’ve gone to more issues in the world like combating climate change.

The peace and security of the U.S. is important. It’s important for our military to continue to spend money on research. But if we make a cut in our budget with things that don’t affect national security like removing the Space Force for example. The $17 billion dollars they receive could go to fixing climate change, poverty, and help protect our schools. Hopefully we will see changes to our budget in the near future.