The Batman(2022) Review

Noah Friesen, Journalism Student


Matt Reeves’ take on The Batman is a bold and Ambitious take that pays off well in this slow burn detective film


The Batman (2022) Follows Batman(Robert Pattinson) who has only been the caped crusader for two years. After the Mayor of Gotham is Murdered by a Mysterious killer known as the Riddler.(Paul Dano) When the Riddler leaves a clue in the form of a letter for the Batman at the murder scene. The letter leads The Batman on a trail of crime and mystery to find the killer and put a stop to him. Along the way he encounters people like Jim Gordon (Jeffrey Wright) , a cop who helps Batman uncover the corrupt Gotham police force and expose them. Sliena Kyle   (Zoë Kravitz) who is Bent on getting revenge on mob boss Carmine Falcone(John Turturro)for the death of her mother.


Throughout the years we have seen many adaptations of Batman. Christian Bale in the Dark Knight Trilogy, Ben Affelck in the Zack Snyder Universe, Micheal Keaton, George Clooney, Adam West and Kevin Conroy in over 42 shows (Animated),movies and video games


While you can argue that all of them have been great adaptations to the World’s Greatest Detective and brought their own style to the character, Ben Affleck and Zack Synder ruined the character’s reputation with an inaccurate portrayal of the character for making Batman have firearms and killing criminals. Those two actions totally go against Batman’s moral code and it ruins the character. In Pattinson’s portrayal, he provides a fresh perspective. One that was much needed if he was going to be the savior for the character and it worked. —he plays a Batman who is still learning , A Batman who makes mistakes and doesn’t always get things right on the first try. A Batman who has not yet become the totally stoic and mostly emotionless vigliante from other movies and Comics. 


The Batman (2022) Is a slow burn Noir Detective film with action and adventure aspects. Previous Batman movies were solely focused on the action and adventure–you see a lot of Batman’s crime fighting then detective work. The Batman (2022) is the opposite. The detective narrative is intriguing and keeps the watcher in suspense throughout the movie. Batman’s detective side has often gone under the radar in favor of the more exciting fighting and adventure side. For a character with the title of World’s Greatest Detective, the previous movies have shown very little of this. The Batman(2022) movie really gives Batman the title of World’s Greatest Detective.


I would not call The Batman (2022) a horror movie but it has some horror elements and just some moments that would make you shiver. For example, The movie opens with someone looking through binoculars looking closely at a family. The perspective  is as we are looking through the binoculars so we don’t know who it is. What we hear is perhaps the most chilling. As the looker is spying on this family we can hear the heavy breathing of this person. In the next scene we see the mayor talking on the phone about the reelection campaign. The room he is in is half lit so one side of the room is in total darkness. In darkness we see a figure standing silently. Waiting to strike. It was one of those moments where you want to shout “look out!” but you know it’s no use.


If I had to describe Paul performance as the riddler in one word it would be: Terrifying. He shows the insanity of the riddler perfectly and shows just how scary he can be. It’s on par with villain performance’s like Heath Ledger’s Joker and Anthony Perkins Norman Bates. The Riddler in The Batman (2022) is quite different from the previous iterations of the character. He is usually seen as a very charismatic man in a bright green suit and a cane and loves to question Batman with his riddles. Matt Reeves decided to take a different route with the character however. Inspired by none other than the Zodiac Killer. 

This is my favorite movie of 2022 so far and my favorite Batman movie.

With the recent release of the movie on HBO max it’s the perfect time to watch the movie and enjoy if you haven’t seen it already