A Movie wachter’s world

Genevieve Adams

Audra Strealy, a freshman at Lakeridge High School may seem like she has it all. From winning cross country races to keeping up with schoolwork, this girl has a lot on her mind. One of those important things, which cross her mind quite often are what movies she’s planning on watching with her family.


From comedy to action, Strealy loves movies. However, she personally prefers “romance and action movies”. She enjoys seeing characters connect and fall in love with each other, even if the movies are sometimes predictable, she enjoys them deeply. What’s most important in a movie for her though are the cute boys. A hot male character lead is what makes the movie worth watching. 


Compared to the theaters, Strealy enjoys watching movies at home with her family because she “can get up when she wants” to do things like use the bathroom or get more snacks. She prefers watching movies at home with her family because it’s a way they can all share the movie experience and bond together. “Our family watches movies like every single weekend,” Audra said, “definitely movie buffs”. 


“Some of my favorite movies are probably Jurassic Park, Catch Me If You Can, Edward Scisorhands, 10 Things I Hate About You, and Tangled,” she said. “I also love TV shows too but personally movies come on top,” she said. 


Compared to other students, Audra has somewhat similar movie tastes to others at Lakeridge. Jurassic Park is a classic, most who watch it fall in love with it. The same goes for Tangled. With 10 Things I Hate About You, many of Audra’s friends enjoy the movie. 


To be friends with Audra, having seen the classic films is a must. If you haven’t seen them, she will make sure you have. She will also make sure you dont watch any movies with Nicholas Cage in them. He’s definitely not on her favorite actors list, quite the opposite.


“I can’t stand movies with Nicholas Cage,” Strealy said, “he’s just the worst actor ever”. 


However, some of Strealy’s favorite actors include “Tom Hiddleston, Hailee Steinfeld, Emma Watson, Johnny Depp, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Julia Stiles”. All of them play roles in some of her favorite movies, and she loves the ways each of them portray emotions making the movies better.


With favorite actors, movies, and genre preferences picked out, Audra is definitely an advad movie watcher. Finding the time to be able to watch movies on a weekly basis and have other hobbies plus school can sometimes be a struggle


“I make time, don’t you worry” Audra said. “I know school does come first but sometimes it’s just nice to sit back and watch movies”. 


Watching movies is a big part of Audra Strealy and her family’s lives and how they connect with one another. So finding time to watch movies is what she has to do. Of course, she doesn’t mind at all and when asked will give you plenty of movie suggestions.