Girls Basketball

Connor Ramirez, Journalism

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By Connor Ramirez


Lakeridge Girls Varsity for basketball 

have blown away their opponents this 

past year. They came out winning the 

3 rivers league, and lost in the quarter finals

to central catholic. The last time the girls 

won state was in 1991. 

They had a pretty good chance of winning 

this year, but next year they’ll be just as good.

“We have just as good of a chance to win next year as they had this year,” said player Karmen Perry.  They are only losing a couple players 

due to seniority, so luckily they will still have 

most people. 

Upcoming eight graders also have a play

in upcoming varsity or jv spots. There are also a few amazing eighth grade players who will make varsity this next year,” said eighth grader Camille Ramirez. 

Their varsity coach will stay the same and will hopefully bring us to victory in the upcoming years.