Baseball Pitching

Connor Ramirez, Journalism

Baseball Pitches 

By Connor Ramirez

Baseball is a hard game, and the pitchers in the game don’t make it easier at all. The pitchers have special ways they throw the ball to make it sipn, curve, and sink.  

Professional players are so good at what they do, because of how hard it is to hit the ball. 

“I put my hands on the laces” said Tate WIlliams. Once on the laces the correct way, you flick your wrist with the ball and make it curve at a good speed to throw the batter off. 

It throws the batter off because of the change in speed, which makes it way harder to hit. Baseball is a game of strategy in terms of pitching. You have to be mentally prepared and in the zone. If you aren’t you could lose the game for the team. 

“The more velocity on the ball, the more the ball spins” said Nick Mann. He talks about how his duce can make batters trip and stumble in the batter’s box not knowing what to do. 

Kids can stretch to increase their pitching abilities before, and after games. Running really helps with this because it gets the blood pumping in your veins which help you to throw harder. 

Baseball is a hard sport, and the pitchers make it not easier at all with all the tricks they can do with the ball.