Mid 90s Movie Review

Connor Ramirez, Journalist

“Mid 90’s” by Jonah Hill threw the emotions in my head into a 360 flip during the film, and is a must-watch for the teen audience. 

While watching the movie, you follow the kid Sunny (Sunny Suljiic) while he tries to live the life of a skater. With an abusive brother, and a prostitute  mom, you learn in the start of the movie that Sunny has not ever had anyone to really look up to. 

His mom is loving toward him, but can’t get him everything he wants because of their money situation. Sunny then takes it upon himself to get these new cool friends from the skateshop, but first he needs to learn how to skateboard. 

Sunny learns that he can really look up to his new friends as the mentors and brothers that he never had in the past. 

Early on in the movie you feel a strong connection towards Sunny and the other skaters. You learn about their backstories, how they all have dreams in their lives and what they have to overcome to get there. 

When things happen to the characters you feel sad or happy for them, because of the love you have for them while watching the movie. 

I would recommend watching the movie with a group of friends rather than with your parents, because of the inappropriate things happening in the movie. There is a bit of cursing, theft, sex, drugs, and underage drinking in the movie. These however are relevant and do help the movie plot though and don’t ruin it at all. All of these teenage problems they have are a part of their characters and what makes you fall in love with each and every one of them.

If you aren’t into skateboarding or sad teenager stories, then this movie isn’t really for you. There are a lot of skateboarding scenes, as it was directed by a skateboarding crew, so I could see why it wouldn’t entertain some audiences. Then again, the movie wasn’t made for that audience and if you are into that stuff then it’s one of the best movies you’ll ever see. 

The writing of the movie is the same way. I rarely ever feel like I’m bored of the movie, and even when there are slow parts they are always plot filling for the storyline. The music was also one of the best parts of the film. The director made amazing music choices for every moment. 

Na-kel Smith did a fantastic job playing Ray in the movie as a role model for Sunny and all the other boys. Ray taught them all to follow their dreams and never ever to give up, and it really inspired me when watching it too. He made me think how my life isn’t all that bad and I should be more grateful for what I have. 

Mid 90’s gets a 10/10 rating for me and I highly recommend you go and watch it, too.