Place/Thing Story

Thomas Treinen, Journalism

If you are ever bored and need somewhere to go during this summer, there are many unknown places to hang out in Lake Oswego.

According to Lake Oswego was voted the second most popular place to live in Oregon. It is the best of both worlds; It has a big lake in the middle, it’s right by the Willamette River, and is only eight miles away from the city of Portland. 

“I love to go to George Rogers and just chill out by the river”, said sophomore Jax Grable. George Rogers Park is an amazing place to cool off in the summertime. There are also many secluded spots along the river if the park gets too crowded.

George Rogers was Lake Oswego’s first community park. It is 26 acres and has paths, beaches, playgrounds, and much more. 

Common activities at the park include Swimming, rock jumping, and enjoying time with friends. You can also do things on the water like paddle board and kayak. 

“I like going downtown with my friends,” said eighth grader Claire Treinen. Another place In Lake Oswego just up the road is the downtown area. It is great for hanging out with anyone at any time of the day. 

There are many restaurants, and small shops that overlook the lake. This includes places like Stickman Brewery which is on the water, as well as Salt and Straw ice cream. 

In downtown LO, there are also Saturday Markets where people from the community sell goods like produce, sweets, and other items. Lake Oswego has many places like these that can bring the community together. 

In Lake Oswego there are so many places that are perfect for hanging out with people that are so close to each other. Another park that many people enjoy is Foothills Park.

“I came here every day last summer”, said sophomore Grand Blakley. Foothills is like George Rogers because they are both on the Willamette River, but Foothills has a bigger grassy area and many places to walk. 

During the summer, concerts are held at the park all the time. These concerts are very fun to attend with friends and family because there are food trucks, water fountains, and dancing in front of the stage. 

These are only a few of the places to visit in Lake Oswego during the summer, and there are many more interesting spots.