Person Story: Nick Mann

Thomas Treinen, Journalism

If you are ever walking through the halls of Lakeridge High School, and you hear a loud, goofy person, chances are, it’s Sophomore, Nick Mann.

However, there’s more to Mann than just being a jokester. He was born Guadalajara, Mexico to bi-racial parents and moved to Lake Oswego shortly after his birth. According to him, a job opportunity lured his dad, the primary money maker in his family, to LO. 

“I enjoy living in Lake Oswego because Lakeridge has the best baseball program in the state,” said Mann. He also likes living in Lake Oswego because of the nice weather in the summer.

Baseball has been one of his passions since Elementary School. Mann’s love of the sport has driven him to be really good at it. He is an exceptional hitter and catcher, which gives him a lot of playing time. Baseball isn’t the only thing that Mann enjoys that Lakeridge High has to offer.

“I am a true artist,” said Mann. His ceramics skills are not as well known as one might think; many people don’t know Mann is a talented artist. Though he likes ceramics class, core subjects have little meaning to him as he says he already knows how to be successful.

“I invest mainly in Apple and Tesla”, said Mann. He is really interested in the stock market and currently invests in it daily. He has made pretty good money doing it too. During the year 2021, he made around $25,000.00 on his investments.

He plans to do this long after he graduates and hopes to be a millionaire someday. Mann is a man of many interests that go further than baseball, ladies, and money.

“I gotta get big,” said Mann when asked why he consumes so much creatine. He is an avid weightlifter and goes to the gym almost every day to work out and build the physique of a greek god. Mann isn’t lazy at all, however he enjoys playing video games.

“Minecraft allows me to play with my friends and build things,” said Nick Mann. He also enjoys playing games such as Call of Duty and Fortnite.

He is very social and has lots of friends. However, his closest friends are Thomas, Connor, and Oliver, all sophomores, all of whom he has known since 5th grade. 

Mann spends a lot of time outside of school with these people. He has gone to baseball tournaments as well as the beach and other fun places like concerts. The only issue with this is that he still hasn’t repaid his debts. 

He is really outgoing and loves to joke around with nearly anyone he meets. It’s hard not to like him.

“When I become rich, I’ll buy a 70s Porsche because they are good looking and fast,” said Mann. He has a major interest in German cars and says they make better cars than any other country in the world. He is intrigued by them because they are quick and luxurious.

Rap music is Mann’s favorite genre of music. He listens to artists like  Gunna, Lil Baby, and Playboi Carti. He likes to listen to this music while lifting weights because it motivates him to lift more. According to him, he needs it for his “gains”. 

Even though Mann is only 5’6”, he has a big personality and a lot to offer as a friend. In fact, he is a stocky, rambunctious gym rat with a heart of gold.